PHILIPS TSI6400 Wireless Home Control Center
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PHILIPS TSI6400 Wireless Home Control Center
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PHILIPS TSI6400 Wireless Home Control Center


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PHILIPS TSI6400 Wireless Home Control Center


  • Built-in Microphone, Headphone Jack, & Stereo Speakers
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • PCMCIA slot w/removable IEEE 802.11b wireless network adapter
  • Full Security Through 64 bit or 128 bit Encryption
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or fixed IP Mode
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • No more wasting your time by surfing through TV channels to find the programs you want to watch or record. One touch to select the how you want will automatically change the channel on your TV.
  • Instant Access to Information
  • No more waiting for your PC to boot-up to quickly access information you want to find, such as weather, news, & sports from anywhere in your home.
  • Extended Memory (64 Mb)
  • Built-in Universal Database
  • Built-in US Universal Database w/pre-installed codes for over 500 brands in 13 device categories
  • Large LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Large, High Resolution LCD Display w/bright backlight for convenient operation w/easy-to-use touch screen.
  • Fully-Customizable Learning Remote Control
  • One universal interface to replace all remote controls in your household. Learn any infrared code from another remote by simply pointing to the Pronto & pressing a button. Or use the on-board database to select a device from over five hundred brands.
  • Direct Access Buttons
  • Easy access to frequently used functions such as Volume & Channel controls.
  • Unique & Elegant Design
  • The stylish design makes it not only attractive but practical for daily use.
  • Unlimited Macro Functionality
  • Want to turn on the TV, DVD Player, & Home Theater System all @ once? Combine multiple functions @ the touch of a button w/asy
  • to create macro functions..
  • Expandable & Upgradeable
  • Pronto Universal's built in two-way IR input/output, coupled w/its two-way RS232 communication serial port ensures that it's a wise investment.These standard external ports guarantee compatibility & make it easy to upgrade w/future components & applications.
  • Unique, Intuitive, Customizable User Interface
  • The intuitive graphical user interface is easy to understand.The dynamic display uses familiar icons & sliding menus which allow for uick & easy execution of commands. Pronto Universal allows for maximum flexibility for even the most sophisticated home entertainment ystems.
  • Pick-up Sensor
  • A Pick-Up sensor activates the LCD display upon lifting the device.
  • iProntoEdit
  • Create a personalized look & feel w/your own remote control buttons & screens, or download one of thousands of examples from an active internet community.
  • Power Source (Built-in Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery)

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