Bulldog Security 6002PRO ProSeries Car Security System

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Bulldog Security 6002PRO ProSeries Car Security System Bulldog Security 6002PRO ProSeries Car Security System Bulldog Security 6002PRO ProSeries Car Security System
The Bulldog 6002Pro professional car alarm offers strong safeguard both for you and your dear vehicle. This system is equipped with a remote car locator, constant panic mode and a 6-tone 126 dB siren, even while the vehicle is running. Youll feel more confident with this systems extended scope remote controls, which consists of auto door lock/unlock and passive arming.
In places with high carjack rates, you can encode the car alarm to make a sound every 20 seconds to forewarn possible robbers. In certain circumstance where your vehicle is vulnerable to rare intense vibrations for example, near railroad or construction area and occurrence of heavy rains, you can either lessen the alarms sensitivity by 50 percent or turn off the shock sensor totally.
Backed up by a 9-volt battery and a chip, this professional car alarm has silent arming/disarming system that is both verified with chirp sounds. For extra safety measures, Bulldog 6002Pro will turn parking lights on and will automatically start your vehicle when its at risk. Bulldog 6002Pro also comes with a keyless entry system and two stickers to warn probable menace.
With Bulldog Security System, this is the best way to ensure the safety of your vehicle because with all the money and time that goes into your vehicle you really need to be sure that it is protected from theft. Bulldog Security System provides a very affordable and dependable security system that will give you a reliable protection for your vehicle at very reasonable price.


  • 400 feet range
  • A pair of 4-button remotes transmitters
  • Built-in relay for door locks
  • Starter Disable relay
  • Built in shock sensor
  • Remote lock and unlock doors
  • Parking light affirmation
  • Door trigger safety
  • Starter kill

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